The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy is a communications institute that serves students between the ages of five and fourteen with a focus on the written and spoken word. The program includes a highly structured and integrated academic and therapy program that combines the best of both worlds. In addition to the typical speech and language therapy, regular enrichment classes are offered that help augment the core curriculum. A student’s academic goals are determined based on a thorough assessment of their speech and language abilities.

A speech-language pathologist with over thirty years of experience has opened the Speech Academy this year. The institution specializes in the treatment of cognitive, communication, and swallowing disorders. It is a team based approach that offers comprehensive family services. While the mainstay of the institute is the speech and language intervention program, parents and guardians can also opt for therapeutic services such as occupational and physical therapy.

The Speech Academy is led by a seasoned professional who is also an expert on the best ways to support children. Using the Association Method of Teaching (AMT) methodology, she has spent many years perfecting her craft. From ensuring each day’s agenda is on track to the minutiae of entering data from the previous day, she organizes the triumvirate of the day’s most important tasks into a coherent and systematic plan. With her expertise, each of her students receives an education that is both individualized and personalized.

The Speech Academy has an impressive staff of professionals with extensive training. As a result, the institution is able to offer a variety of innovative programs. One of these is the evocatively titled Stepping Stones program. It is the most prestigious and prestigious program in the institution’s history, and it aims to empower children with hearing loss and other developmental challenges. Not only is this program a well-rounded educational experience, it is the largest of its kind in the nation. This program focuses on preparing students to make the most of their potential in later years by solidifying the foundational skills they learned in the early years 스피치 학원.

One of the most impressive aspects of the speech and language intervention program is its ability to integrate the requisite therapy into the school day. As a result, the institute’s students benefit from the latest in ABA therapy techniques and methods. These include a full range of speech and language services such as language processing application to all academic areas, visual motor integration, and physical and occupational therapies. Among other things, the speech- and language-oriented program teaches public speaking and elocution, accent softening, and executive presence. Moreover, the institute’s state-of-the-art computer and multimedia facilities provide the necessary infrastructure for a successful learning experience.

The Speech Academy also has a voluminous website, which is chock full of information, a blog, and a variety of other resources that are both relevant and engaging. It accepts inquiries from both physicians and school districts. For example, if a physician suspects that your child may be a good candidate for the Speech Academy’s program, they can contact the center directly.