Where is the best place to travel to Jeju Island in autumn?

Today is Autumn Equinox, where the length of day and night becomes the same due to the season. These days, cool winds blow not only in the morning and evening but also during the day, showing typical autumn weather. At this time, many people are planning an autumn outing.

At this time, Jeju Island’s travel course is drawing attention among places worth visiting in Korea. Earlier, singer Hyun-ah and Dun couple released their lovers’ shots in front of the beach on Jeju Island, making headlines.

According to “Data Dragon,” an analysis platform of TDI Jeju, a big data company, Jungmun Tourist Complex and Kwakji Beach were selected as the most frequent destinations in Jeju Island.

As a result of analyzing the number of vehicles arriving at tourist attractions in Jeju Island from September 1 to 22, the Jungmun Tourist Complex (55,000 units), Seongsan Ilchulbong (16,000 units), and Udo (12,000 units) were counted in order.

The Jungmun Tourist Complex in Jeju Island attracts tourists with its surrounding attractions and cafe restaurants, and nearby hotels are also located, so you can conveniently enjoy your trip to Jeju Island.

During the same period, Gwakji Beach (740,000 units), Gwangchigi Beach (67,000 units), and Jungmun Saekdal Beach (63,000 units) were counted as the highest number of vehicles arriving at Jeju Island Beach.

Gwakji Beach is one of the beaches where many tourists flock during the summer vacation season, and you can use paid and free parking lots. Gwakji Beach is located in Aewol-eup, Jeju.

In addition, the Jeju Tourism Organization recently selected and announced 10 Jeju tours that should not be missed in Jeju in the fall of 2022. Merchewat Forest Road, Songaksan Dulle-gil, Seogwipo Natural Recreation Forest, and Olle Trail 9 courses were selected around Seogwipo. 제주도 여행

Meanwhile, changes are expected in the autumn tourism market. Recently, it is analyzed that the recovery of international flights as well as domestic flights will be accelerated, drawing attention to countermeasures from the Jeju tourism industry.